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3D2N Eco Camp Janda Baik

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Student Summer Camp Information

3D2N Eco Camp Janda Baik

Our Programs

Adventure Student Summer Camp has the potential to offer your child many positive and rewarding experiences. It is healthy, educational, outdoor experiences and FUN!

  • Our programs provide an opportunity for your children to develop their creativity, teamwork and interpersonal skill while inculcating and stronger sense of responsibility and independence.
  • Our camp’s experience can have a significant impact on your child’s life
  • Our Summer Camp lays the foundation for your children to be more and achieve more than they ever thought possible.
  • Using innovative quantum learning methods, our academic camps provide students with concrete study strategies while instilling them with the confidence and motivation they need to succeed.
  • Our Summer Camp is an action-packed learning experience of non-stop work and play, learning and growing, classes and outdoor challenges

At the end of each day, they feel a genuine sense of accomplishment.

As with all of our simmer camp / holiday camps, our camps provide a unique blend of learning skills and life skills, which help students on the academic side and also in their personal lives-with relationships, character development, leadership skills, interpersonal skills, confidence, self-esteem and motivation.

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Tour Itinerary

Day 1 -Briefing & Ice Breakers
-Hike to Ulu Tampit
-Building Vivariums
-Class on Conservation
Day 2 -Krau Wildlife Reserve
-Institute Viodiversity
-Elephant Sanctuary
-Building Shelter & Gadgets
-Conservation Ideation
Day 3 -Great Krau Quiz
-Paintball War Games
-Orchard Trail
-Wawa Fun Vallery
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Tour Rate

Location Janda Baik, Pahang
Level Level 2, Radiant AwardTN Bronza
Age 8 to 16 Years, Beginners
Duration 3 Days 2 Nights
Staying in Villa, Dorm, Chalets, Radiant
Price RM 460 Per Child
Outdoor Skills Focus Camp Craft
Malaysia’s Ecology
Leadership Self Leadership
Competencies Communication Skills
Character Love of Learning
Appreciating Diversity

What to Bring

  1. Raincoat warm clothing windbreak er. Also extra shorts and t-shirt for activities
  2. A bottle of drinking water or water bottle for refill
  3. Cap or hat
  4. Extra thick sock
  5. A good torch light
  6. Toiletries, towel and other items of personal use
  7. Use good trekking shoes, temls or gym shoes are fine
  8. Plastic bash to keep wet tablets
  9. Paper tissues
  10. Some plasters for cuts or blisters
  11. Sleeping bags
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