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Historical Malacca Tour

Experience the charms of Malacca, situated on the Straits of Malacca. Let an informative guide reveal the multicultural history on this heritage tour of the World Heritage–listed colonial town. See the architecture and religious traditions of Indian and Chinese immigrants, sample local Malaccan specialties and visit Porta de Santiago (A Famosa), which dates back to Portuguese traders. Minivan transport is included from central Kuala Lumpur.

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Tour Departure 0900 Hours
Tour Duration 8 Hours
Pick Up Location Kuala Lumpur City Center Hotel


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Full Day Historical Malacca Tour Information

Malacca (or Melaka in modern Malaysia) has always been a strategic crossroad between east and west. When the Sultanate of Malacca fell to the Portuguese in 1511, it became the first European outpost on the Straits of Malacca. Over the centuries, the Dutch replaced the Portuguese and the British replaced the Dutch, while the port’s key role in trade across Asia brought immigrants from China and India, as well as Malays. Chinese and Malay traditions merged to form what is known today as Baba Nyonya culture; Indians and Malays formed the Chitty community. Each group maintains its own beliefs and traditions and a vibrant blending of cultures that is typically Malaccan. The city is host to Malaysia’s oldest Chinese and Hindu temples and the country’s oldest Catholic Church.

Visit St. Peter’s Church (1710) – the oldest Christian Church still use in Malaysia. Drive pass the largest 17th century Chinese cemetery outside of China, located at Bukit China or Chinese Hill. Stop at the foothill to view the Sultan’s well before driving through the Portuguese Settlement.
Proceed to view the famous gateway, “Porta De Santuago” and the ruins of St Paul’s Church lined by 17th century Dutch tombstones, Next on the list is “Red Square” – the salmon pink Dutch administrative buildings which today house the Malacca Museum and Government offices. Visit Christchurch before proceeding for lunch, we visit the “Abode Merciful Clouds” or the Cheng Hoon Teng Temple – the only temple where you can find 3 major doctrines of local Chinese belief under the same roof, viz: Taosim, Buddhism and Confucianism. Take a stroll along Malacca’s Jonket Street which ends by the banks of the Malacca River.

Other highlights of the tour include the grand Baba Nyonya houses along Heeren Street and Jonker Street’s quaint storefronts, the Dutch architecture of Stadthuys or “Red” Square and the sites of St Paul’s Church and the A Famosa fort, both of which date back to Portuguese times. The tour also features Malacca’s living heritage, the traditional trades that endure despite the city’s rapid modernization. You’ll also enjoy the unique flavors of delicious Malaccan food along the old streets of the city.

Tour Highlight

St. Peter’s Church


Situated in Malacca City, St. Peter’s Church is the oldest functioning Roman Catholic Church in Malaysia.

The Portuguese occupation of Malacca ended when Malacca felt into the Dutch in 1641. This was followed by period of prosecutions of the Catholics in Malacca by the Dutch. Churches were destroyed and Catholics were not permitted to have their own cemeteries or even pray in their homes. Priests were also forbidden to administer their flocks. The war of the Spanish Succession resulted in an alliance formed between the Portuguese and the Dutch in 1703. This resulted the Dutch adopted a softer stance towards the Portuguese Catholics. After years of prosecutions, a piece of land was donated by a Dutch convert and the St. Peter’s Church was built in 1710.

The facade and decorations of the church have a combination of eastern and western architecture. One of its bells was casted in Goa in 1608 and was salvaged from an older church the Dutch had burnt down. There is also an alabaster statue of the Lord before the Resurrection.

Chinese Hill

Chinese Hill or locally known as Bukit Cina is a hillside of historical significance in the capital of Malaysian state of Malacca, Malacca Town. It is located several kilometres to the north from the historical centre of Malacca (Dutch town and Chinatown), but these days, it’s surrounded by the modern city on all sides.

• According to the local tradition, in the mid-15th century, Hang Li Po was sent to be married to the sultan of Malacca, Sultan Mansor Shah, to seal relations between the two countries. The hill, Bukit Cina, a gift from the sultan, was established as their residence.
• Seven wells were dug up at the foot of the Chinese Hill by Admiral Zheng He and was used as the base for his expeditionary force during his stopover in Malacca. Though today, there are remaining 3 wells due road work in the 50’s and 60’s, these wells are still known by the locals as Admiral Zheng He’s Seven Dragon Wells


Dutch Square


Dutch Square Malacca is the most picturesque along Jalan Kota. It’s also a colourful trishaw pickup point, it is distinguished by a group of bright, terracotta-red colonial Dutch buildings, built between 1660 and 1700, with louvered windows and chunky doors with wrought iron hinges.

A central fountain dominates the area: it is an ornate Victorian marble addition, erected in 1904 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. One of the oldest surviving parts of Malacca, Dutch Square’s most prominent building is the Stadthuys. Presiding over the entire south side of Dutch Square it was completed in 1660 and is said to be the oldest-existing Dutch building in the East.

Ruins of St. Paul’s Hills

Originally named Malacca Hill, the hill served as a settlement for fishermen and seafarers alike. Attracting many by its beauty, the hill was then renamed to Mary’s Hill during Portuguese Malacca as they extensively developed the land and built a magnificent fortress to protect the hill from the Dutch and The Johor Sultanate, the fortress that all locals and foreigners know as the great A Famosa.

  • A Famosa
    What remains today is just the small gate house known as Porta de Santiago is a small piece of what used to be a great fortress that protected St. Paul’s Hill from the attacking Dutch and Johor Sultanate. Translated directly into Portuguese as “The famous” or “Kota A Famosa” in Malay, A Famosa is the known to be one of the oldest persisting European architectural remnants in South East Asia.Take the chance to soak in the historical atmosphere
  • View of Straits Malacca
    Being the most important shipping lanes in the world, the straits ones linked major Asian economies such as Japan, South Korea, India and China. From an economic and strategic perspective, the straits is the main shipping channel between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean carrying one-fourth of the world’s traded goods, including oils, Chinese manufactured goods, and Indonesian coffee.
  • Replica of Sultan’s Palace/ Independence Building / Memorial Club House
    A replica of a 15th century place in Melaka, this museum mainly displays exhibits that are related to the culture of Melaka. Other items include a huge diorama depicting a sultan’s court as well as clothing weapons, stone inscriptions, musical instruments and photographs.The Melaka sultanate Palace was built based on the description provided in the Malay Annals, a literary work that chronicles the history of the sultanate of Melaka.
  • Jonker Street Open Bazaar & Bullock Car Rides/ Handcraft and souvenir shops

Tour Rate

Tour Departure 0900 Hours
Tour Duration 8 Hours
Pick Up Location Kuala Lumpur City Center Hotel


Private Basis Tour

RM 620 per Vehicle per Tour (1-3 Person) Book Now
RM 700 per Vehicle per Tour (4-8 Person) Book Now
RM 930 per Vehicle per Tour (9-14 Person) Book Now
– PVT Tour are excluded meals & entrance free
All Rate Included GST 6%


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