Pahang Tourist Attraction

Pahang Tourist Attraction

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Pahang Tourist Attraction

Pahang is the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia Nearly two-thirds of the state is enveloped in verdant rainforest, making it a magnificent enclave of lush greenery, exotic wildlife and natural treasures.

Its magnificent natural attractions include Taman negara, a 130-million-year-old rainforest as well as animal sanctuaries, parks, lakes and waterfalls. Other natural gems include Endau-Rompin State Park and Tioman, an idyllic island.

Pahang’s capital city is Kuantan, a busting township with interesting sights.

Taman Negara National Park

Taman Negara, Malaysia’s premier national park, is a haven for a diversity of plants, animals, birds, butterflies, insects and fish. Unique attractions in this 2434,350ha park are ancient trees with giant buttresses, limestone caves, waterfalls and jungle-clad mountains. Taman Negara straddles across all three states in the east coast region – Pahang, Kelantan and Teregganu. Hpwever, over half of its total area, including the park headquarters, is located in Pahang.

Must do:

  • Stroll along the world’s longest canopy walkway
  • Go jungle trekking
  • Try river cruising or canoeing
  • Visit the Orang Asli Village (indigenous people)
  • Watch nocturnal animals from the observation hides
  • Explore the ancient caves
  • Climb Gunung Tahan, Peninsular Malaysia’s highest mountain
  • Go birdwatching to see 350 species of birds

There are four entry points to Taman Negara; Via Kuala Tahan or Sungai Relau in Pahang, Kuala Koh in Kelantan and Tanjung Mentong in Terengganu. Each entryway offers different activities and attractions. Permits and licences can be obtained from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks (PERHILITAN).

– Estimated to be 130 million years old, Taman Negara is one of the oldest rainforests in the world.

Tioman Island

Hailed as one of southeast Asia’s finest beach getaways, Tioman beckons with aquamarine waters, spectacular coral formations, diverse marine life and a rustic charm. Tioman lies about 56km off the coast of Pahang. The main staging points are Tanjung Gemok in Pahang and Mersing in Johor. The journey takes about one hour. Berjaya Air offers direct air links to the island from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. Accommodation ranges from a five-star resort to beach chalets.

Must do:

  • Snorkel alongside parrotfish, clownfish angelfish and many more
  • Dive at the Marine Park Centre
  • Go Island-hopping
  • Take a two-hour trek that cuts across the island
  • Visit the Asah Waterfall
  • Have a picnic at Monkey Bay
  • Rent a bicycle to explore the villages
  • Scale Mount Kajang, the highest peak on the island
  • Try rock climbing at the granite boulders
  • Go golfing
  • Rejuvenate at the spa

– Standing at 690m, Gunung Nenek Semukut in Tioman is Malaysia’s highest freestanding spire. Its pinnacle resembles the profile of an old lady

Cameron Highlands

There is much to see and do in Cameron Highlands, the largest of Malaysia’s highland resorts. Be it walks through lovely little villages and charming butterfly, strawberry and honey bee farms, or visits to delightful Tudor-style country inns and sprawling tea plantations, this resort will captivate you with its rustic charm. Situated 1,500m above sea level, about a two hours drive from Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highlands comprises a series of little townships that include Ringlet, Tanah Rata, Brinchang, Tringkap, Kuala Terla and Kampung Raja.

Brinchang Beckons, Cameron Highland

Five kilometers up the road is Brinchang, the highest-lying township in Cameron Highland. Its attractions include a Sikh temple, the ornate Sam Poh Temple, numerous amenities and a handicraft centre. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy teeing off at the 18-hole Cameron Highland Golf Club, the only course on the hill.

The nearby cactus valley, which features thousands of cacti on display, also boasts a comprehensive variety of plants and foliage as well as apple trees, passion fruit and other temperate climate fruits. Several strawberry farms dot the area. Some grow strawberries organically in coconut husks placed on stilt-like platforms off the ground. Here you can pay a smail fee to pick fresh succulent strawberries or simply purchase the assortment of homemade jam or dried strawberries.

A short distance away, the Multicrops Central Market and Kea farm offer you fresh highland produce at a fraction of city prices. from big ripe brinjals and juicy avocados, to multi-coloured dried flowers and dainty little souenirs, you will want to spend some time her exploring the many delightful finds.

On your descent, stop by the Butterfly and Butterfly Garden to view the many beautiful species, including the renowned Raja Brooke. Nearby, strategically placed giant comic replicas of honey bees will lead you to the Ee Feng Gu Honey Bee Farm. Here you can view bees gathering pollen amidst the plush sweet scented gardens and orchards as well as savour and purchase bottles of pure honey. Do also drop by the adjacent Rose Valley where about 450 varieties of roses flourish.

On the left of the Butterfly Farm is the picturesque Sungai Boh Tea Estate. Stop by at the factory to learn about tea processing or watch an audio visual presentation and sample some cameronian tea. The same road leads you to Gunung Brinchang, reputedly the highest road in Peninsular Malaysia at 2,000m above sea level. Enjoy the panoramic views from the mountaintop.

National Elephant Conservation Centre

One of the best attractions in the state, this centre offers a chance for visitors to come up close with Malaysian elephants (Elephas maximus). Established in 1989, the centre is dedicated towards rescuing and translocating elephants. The centre is the only one of publics on the importance of conservation and protection. Kuala Lumpur is situated about 40km from Bentong.

Must to:

  • Learn more about the centre’s efforts in the Elephant Conservation Talk
  • Watch the Presentation on elephant rescue
  • Try your hand at feeding the jumbos

Genting Highland

Gear up for round-the-clock entertainment and excitement! Perched some 1,800m above sea level, Genting Highlands is tremendously popular among locals and visitors for its outdoor and indoor theme parks. Accommodation is aplenty but prior reservations must be made during peak seasons. Genting Highlands is easily accessible from Kuala Lumpur via the Karak Highway. It is about 51km northeast of Kuala Lumpur or about an hour’s drive. daily bus services to Genting are also available from the KL Sentral station in Kuala Lumpur.

Most do:

  • Enjoy a cable car ride
  • Get an adrenalin rush at the theme parks
  • Try out Sky Venture, Asia’s first skydiving simulator
  • Visit the Snow World
  • Try your luck at the casino
  • Watch live performances
  • Stroll around and enjoy the cool, misty air
  • Go horse riding
  • Visit strawberry farm

Fraser’s Hill

Nestled prettily amidst the Pahang rainforest is the little hamlet of Fraser’s Hill. Akin to a little Scottish village, Fraser’s Hill is characterised by granite coloured mock-Tidor houses and colonial-style buildings. The hill resort exudes a nostalgic charm, almost as if visitors have been taken back in time, to a bygone era. At 1,524 above se level, the highland resort is a naturalists’ paradise boasting a wide range of plants, birds and animals. Fraser’s Hill is ideal for visitors who are interested in gentler pursuits.

Must do:

  • Enjoy observing a variety of birds
  • Go horse-riding
  • Stroll along the scenic routes, flower gardens and parks
  • Play a round of golf
  • Trek along the nature trails

– One of Malaysia’s premier locations for birdwatching, this hill resort is the venue for the annual Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race

– Fraser’s Hill derives its name from Louis James Fraser, a Scottish trader who mysteriously disappeared here in 1916.

Traditional Weaving, Pekan and Kuantan

One of the state’s most prestigious products is the Kain Tenun Pahang, a fabric that is handwoven using time-honoured methods.

Set within a well-landscaped area dotted with Malay traditional-style buildings, Pulau Keladi cultural Village in Pekan is an excellent place to watch how this exquisite craft is created. Within the area lies another attraction, the birth place of Tun Abdul Razak (Malaysia’s second Prime Minister and father of the present Prime Minister).

Traditional weaving can also be seen at Kuantan. Visitors can watch how the fabric is woven or purchase it as a souvenir.

Berjaya Hills

If you have always wanted to see various cultures of the world in a single destination, then Berjaya Hills gives you the chance to do just that. Nesting serenely against 16,000 acres of rugged hills surrounded by the tropical rainforest, Berjaya Hills beckons with three different settings.

The main draw here is the French-style Colmar Tropicale, a replica of the original 18th century Colmar Village in Alsace, france. Tucked away higher up is the Zen0inspired Japanese Village. The third and newest attraction here is the Chateau Spa & Wellness Resort, a French themed boutique hotel and spa modelled after an 18th century medieval castle in France. Berjaya Hills is situated about 10km off the East West Karak Highway. It is a mere 60 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur.

Traditional weaving can also be seen at Kuantan. Visitors can watch how the fabric is woven or purchase it as a souvenir.

Cherating Beach

Fringed by the waters of the South China Sea, cherating Beach offers quiet holiday amidst a rustic atmosphere. The shore is lined by hotels and resort catering to all budgets, from backpacker’s inns to luxury beach resorts. Just nearby is Kampung Cherating a tranquil Malay village that sits prettily amidst swaying palms and tropical vegetation. Cherating Beach is about 47km north of Kuantan Other popular beaches in the vicinity are Chendor, Teluk Chempedak and Balok.

Must do:

  • Go catamaran sailing
  • Try kayaking
  • Brave the waves and go windsurfing
  • Visit the Turtle Sanctuary
  • Take a river cruise along the mangroves
  • Watch how crafts are made at the Cherating Village
  • Watching fireflies

– Cherating is the location of Asia’s first Club Med

Sungai Lembing Museum

Dubbed as the ‘El Dorado’ of the Malay States, Sungai Lembing used to be the largest producer of tin-ore in Pahang. In its heyday, this serene township was the site of the largest subterranean tin mine in Southeast Asia. The Sungai Lembing Museum takes visitors back to this glorious era, with exhibits such as mining equipment and workers’ attire. The collection of furniture and household items give a glimpse into the lifestyle of the English community that once lived here. Don’t miss the diorama, reputed to be among the best in the country.

Opening hour: 9.00 am – 5.00 pm

Deerland Park, Lanchang

Adorable deer, ostriches and peacocks are among the ‘stars’ at this delightful park. The 4.5h park is a sanctuary for these animals that roam freely amidst the tropical vegetation. Similar to a petting zoo, visitors can feed the animals with sweet potatoes and food given by the staff. Much of Malaysia’s herbs and medicinal plants are also found here and a walk along the Herb Trail gives visitors a chance to take a closer look. Accommodation is available at the Bukit Rengit Institute of Conservation Biodiversity.

Opening hours: 10.30 am – 5.30 pm (daily) Closed on Friday

Kota Gelanggi Caves, Jerantut

Said to be about 150-million years old, the cave complex here contains magnificent formations as well as unique cave fauna. Popularly explored caves include Gua Terang Bulan and Gua Sanding. According to legend, the actually ruins of an ancient city. for visitors who world like to learn more, the Mini Museum offers comprehensive information on the excavations that were done here with displays of the artefacts. After a tour, visitors can sit back and relax at the cafe. Kota Gelanggi Caves are about 10 minutes drive from Felda Residence Tekam.

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