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The Lacklustre Hammer

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The Lacklustre Hammer

LAST week, we shared some insights from a recent strategy & study, which looked at how CEOs have evolved over the past century. One of the key points was that the long term strategic plan might be a thing of the past – and that leaders have to be more agile and adaptable in a business environment quite different from 1914.

That said, the ability to develop and execute a strategy – though condensed in time – are skills we still need to develop. Studies have indicated that “54% of CEOs have entered a new sector, or considered it, in the past three years” (PwC). In this issue, we look at

  1. How CEOs can take their companies towards rapid growth and diversification?
  2. How strategic human resources (HR) partners can work alongside their CEOs to prepare the existing workforce and to attract new talent to fuel the growth?

To start, we look at a strategy some might shy away from. The art of saying “sorry”. Roshan Thiran talks about the power of an apology, the lasting consequences of not offering one, and its impact on business relationships.

So often heard of unmalleable individuals, John Baybay underlines the importance of letting go of that “Golden Hammer” and for managers to move from being masters of the functional domain to that of a strategic one.

Sandy Clarke is back, and this time with lessons learnt from CEOs who have grown their businesses while working alongside their HR teams to make it happen. He also shares 10 key points that HR managers of small and medium enterprises should known as their businesses grow.

Putting the evolving role of HR under a microscope, Daniel Russell identifies the gaps that, need to be addressed when transforming HR to be strategic partners and change agents. In the upskilling of HR professionals, he also stresses the critical starting points.

Then there’s Zoe Rai, a former employee of the central bank, who decided to change his strategy at a very personal level, to embrace quite a different career – it certainly took courage to go from currency to culinary!

Marcus Lim, quite generously shares the misadventures of his youth and how his single-minded unyielding strategy to success led him to top spot, albeit a lonely one. On a positive note, at age 17, he learnt an important lesson many working adults still struggle with.

From the winning team of RSA x Genovasi Malaysia Awards in the “Encouraging Social Enterprise” category, Mandy Choong talks about design thinking, as well as her aspirations to contribute to building a better world.

In Movie Wisdom, Caroline shares the inspiring story of a young woman who struggled with personal loss, sunk to the depths of despair, and then decided one day that she really needed to make a change – and that she did.

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